System Support

We have the following  support options to support the post-sales process and you are welcome to use one or all modes of support.Once you become our customer, you will be given all details and access to our full range of support services.

Phone Support
We have dedicated hotline support to handle the queries over the phone.

Online Helpdesk 
We have a market leading helpdesk system where you can put your requests via online for our support team to handle. You can track the tickets and status via online. All online requests can be handled via email.  This will also create a knowledge base whereby you can refer your previous requests to increase the knowledge on the system handling.

Online Help
We have an extensive on-line help portal providing a complete overview of the system features and functions. This also includes the FAQ section, search functions, workflow etc., you can also post your comments on our on-line help portal.

Email Support
You can also write to a dedicate email ID where the support staff will be happy to answer your queries. We have an internal SLA (Service Level Agreement) policy where all email queries are attended within 24 hours.

If the above options are not enough, you can also contact our support team via Skype, WhatsApp, BBM (Black Berry Messenger), Viber etc., As we are open to ideas, we always welcome our customer ideas for our continuous improvement on our support.