We provide the following pricing models to suit your needs. We do assist you in the process of getting subsidies on the cost of licensing and implementation. You can find more details under Support->Funding.

1. Licensing
Traditional model where you buy the license under your organization to use the product. The licensing price NOT mainly depending on the number of users. In our concept, we first analyze the needs to arrive a price by discussing with you.

How we are Unique?
In our licensing model, you DO NOT incur more charges when you have more users!!! YES, OUR LICENSING MODEL IS UNLIMITED USERS.

2. Rental
You can rent our system on a monthly basis where you only rent a license to use. In this model, the upfront cost is LIMITED excluding the training/setup charges.

How we are Unique?
In our Rental Model, we can also loan you a server to reduce your cost on procuring a Server!!! We would also maintain the server.

3. Pay-As-You-Use
In this model, you DO NOT have to acquire a license or pay a fixed monthly Rental. The charges will be calculated based on the monthly transactions in the system.

How we are Unique?
We do not calculate the transactions every month. We just go by the 6 or 12 months average to reduce the administration work on billing. You pay more when you have more business!!!.

4. SaaS Model
Software as Service Model: In this model, you will use our software which is hosted on our side for a monthly or annual fee.

How we are unique?
You pay a FIXED fee irrespective of your transactions or number of users.

Annual Maintenance

As any other IT providers, we do have annual maintenance charges to maintain the system. But we have customized multiple packages to suit your needs. The Annual Maintenance is purely OPTIONAL.

  • Basic
  • Standard
  • Comprehensive