C-Freight® comes with a full featured multi currency Integrated Billing Module. The integrated billing module is cross-functional and works with all individual 3PL functions. The billing module has the full ability of operations billings with financial accounting interface.You have the option to use our financial accounting module for your AR/AP/GL functions or if you have already have an accounting system, C-Freight® can interface with your existing accounting systems. C-Freight® has the data interface with market leading accounting systems.The Billing data from the billing module can be automatically transferred to your existing accounting systems. Alternatively you can also use the financial accounting functions within C-Freight®.

Some are the salient features are

  • Invoicing, Debit/Credit, Payments and Receipts.
  • Contractor Bills.
  • Accruals.
  • Interface with other accounting systems.
  • Tariff Maintenance (Individual rates per customer/partner).
  • Automated Billings (based on the quotations).
  • Service/Periodical Billings (for warehousing and services).
  • Multi currency billings.
  • Exchange rates maintenance.
  • Profit share billings.
  • Profit analysis on each shipment and each activity.
  • Ageing analysis.
  • Khmer Billings (for Cambodian Installations).
  • Non-shipment and Ad-hoc billings.
  • Import data from other systems.
  • Direct A/R, A/P and GL interface.
  • Bank reconciliation.
  • Journal Entries.
  • Statement of account, P&L statement and Balance Sheet.
  • Automated Billing numbers.
  • Multi billing formats.
  • Billing history and statistics.
  • Billing Summary, Cancellation and controlling.