The C-Freight® Distribution module is to manage the local and overseas distributions with the transport management. This module completely covers the various distributions linked with the inventory and Warehousing. The status of the delivery can be tracked on real-time basis (using handheld computers) with the real-time update. The distribution module is also suitable for healthcare providers and exhibition logistics.

  • Local and Overseas Distribution.
  • Daily Distribution and Ad-hoc Distributions.
  • Internal Purchases and Distributions.
  • Multiple class of products distribution.
  • Full EDI functions and Interface.
  • Daily Stock reconciliation.
  • Automated inventory adjustments.
  • Exchanges and Collections.
  • Multiple Delivery status configurations.
  • Customer signature capturing (digitized signatures).
  • Automated Zoning.
  • Automated Drivers and Vehicle assignment.
  • Real-time Vehicle location via GPS (3rd Party provider and Google Maps).
  • Inward and outward cargo reconciliation.
  • Integrated with Billing and Freight/WMS modules.
  • 3rd Party distributions and vendor management.
  • Automated billing.
  • Automated Routing Management (add-on).
  • Real-time delivery status management via broadband mobile.